AnyBridge ultra low-power GPS Controller

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The versatile AnyBridge GPS Controller is a miniature, highly energy-efficient controller device with an integrated GPRS communications interface and GPS receiver that seamlessly integrates with the AnyBridge M2M Platform. The measurement capabilities of the AnyBridge GPS Controller can be extended throught its system interface.

Best-in-class energy performance

The AnyBridge GPS Controller has been designed for energy-constrained application, with a stand-by current consumption of as low as 3 µA. In all aspects, the optimal energy performance has been the primary requirement in the design of the AnyBridge GPS Controller, to preserve battery capacity and extend operation time. For rechargeable batteries, the AnyBridge GPS Controller provides an integrated battery charger.

Targeted for GPS-supported IoT and M2M solutions

The AnyBridge GPS Controller supports a multitude of IoT and M2M applications, from inventory tracking to infrastructure management, specifically for solutions that require accurate localisation. Assisted GPS is available to further reduce operational power consumption. The small mechanical dimensions of the AnyBridge GPS Controller makes it possible to integrate it in products through the system interface.

Straightforward integration

By setting the appropriate application parameters, the functionality of the AnyBridge GPS Controller is tailored to the requirements of the M2M application. The AnyBridge GPS Controller has been designed to integrate with the AnyBridge M2M Platform, which allows it to fully benefit from the application services such as automatic data transfers, remote configuration and software updating.

Flexible system interface

The AnyBridge GPS Controller's system interface is based on the industry-standard I2C communiction bus. Thus, I2C-enabled sensor and actor devices can easily be connected to the AnyBridge GPS Controller to create powerful measurement and control functions.

Tailored communication functions

The AnyBridge GPS Controller provides a comprehensive set of communications interfaces, including a quad-band GSM/GPRS interface for interaction with the AnyBridge M2M Platform. A GPS/Glonass receiever with integrated antenna provides accurate positioning data. A USB 2.0 service interface is provided for local configuration and software updating.