The AnyBridge Platform

At AnyBridge, we are driven by the vision that reliable and robust machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions can only be built if they are based on a solid foundation. By their very nature, all M2M applications share common features, such as:

  • Local data acquisition and control functions
  • Data logging and transfer to a central server
  • Remote management (e.g. configuration and software updates) of field-installed devices
  • Remote issueing of instructions to field-installed devices

In the AnyBridge Platform, these common functions are supported across applications by making them available through a software framework into which application-specific modules can be integrated.




By creating a generic platform for M2M applications, consisting of hardware and software modules, as well as proven embedded application framework and server software, the AnyBridge technology can be put to work in many applications, without re-inventing the wheel over-and-over-again.