AnyBridge Server

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Robust server platform for any M2M-application

The AnyBridge Server is the central element in the architecture of the AnyBridge Platform, providing the following services to the AnyBridge Controller devices:

  • Administration of the field-installed AnyBridge Controller devices.
  • Reception, processing and storage of datalog records submitted by the AnyBridge Controller devices.
  • Remote configuration of AnyBridge Controller devices by setting the appropriate configuration parameters.
  • Issuing instructions to the AnyBridge Controller devices.
  • Deployment of software updates to the field-installed AnyBridge Controller devices.
  • Synchronization of the internal real-time clocks of the AnyBridge Controller devices.

The AnyBridge Server has a straightforward architecture that is designed for easy tailoring to application-specific requirements:


The AnyBridge Server API module enables the integration of front-end applications such as webportals. The AnyBridge Data Forwarding Service automatically transfers datalog records to downstream back-office systems, such as ERP applications.

Based on industry-proven technologies

The AnyBridge Server is based on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server, and runs on any compatible server computer. Front-end applications such as webportals or desktop software are generally developed with Microsoft .Net technologies.

Available as software license or out-of-the box solution

The AnyBridge Server is available as software license for installation on your own server computer, or as out-of-the box solution installed by AnyBridge on compatible server hardware.

Run your own AnyBridge Server

AnyBridge believes that our customers should have complete control over their own application. We therefore generally deliver the AnyBridge Server as part of a solution, installed and ready-to-go. We do however also provide hosting services in case a customer prefers this.


Some example solutions that use the AnyBridge Server:


AnyBridge Server datasheet (coming soon).