Hydrology applications

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As a specific case of a level monitoring application, AnyBridge offers a datalogging platform for real-time hydrology applications, e.g. for management of surface and ground water levels. Our expertise in the low-power and cost-effective design of electronics has resulted in a very compact and energy-efficient GPRS datalogger that delivers real-time measurement data of water levels, and temperatures. Combined with flexibility of the AnyBridge Server, companies and institutions involved in the monitoring and management of water levels, have their own in-house solution for their hydrological application.


Key benefits for hydrology applications:

  • Off-the-shelf AnyBridge Hydrology Controller shortens time-to-market
  • Energy-efficient design allows long battery life of field-installed dataloggers
  • Highly accurate, reliable real-time water level data
  • Customer-owned solution based on the AnyBridge Platform
  • Straightforward integration of the AnyBridge Server with water management software or webportal solutions


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