AnyBridge Compact Controller series

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The AnyBridge Compact Controllers are a series of low-power, cost-effective intelligent remote measurement and data logging devices with an integrated GPRS communications interface that seamlessly integrates with the AnyBridge Platform for a wide variety of applications areas.



The AnyBridge Compact Controllers support a multitude of applications, from energy metering to remote inventory management and machine monitoring. The flexibility of the AnyBridge Compact Controller software makes it possible to connect a wide range of peripherals to its interfaces, such as sensors, PLCs and utility meters.


Comprehensive set of communication interfaces

The AnyBridge Compact Controllers offer the following communication interfaces:

  • a dual-band or quad-band GSM/GPRS interface (optional) for communication with the AnyBridge Server through mobile networks.
  • A ModBus/RS485 communication ports for interaction with many commercially available industrial automation peripheral devices and energy submeters.
  • A GPS/GNSS receiver (optional) for applications that require accurate, real-time positioning information.
  • a USB communication port for for local configuration and software updating.

The AnyBridge Controller is 24VDC-powered and comes in a rugged enclosure with an IP-67 ingress protection level.


Straightforward integration

By setting the appropriate application parameters, the functionality of the AnyBridge Compact Controller is tailored to the requirements of the application. The AnyBridge Compact Controller has been designed to integrate with the AnyBridge Platform, which allows it to fully benefit from the application services such as automatic data transfers, remote configuration and software updating. The AnyBridge Compact Controller has a USB 2.0 service interface for local configuration and interaction.


Advanced measurement functions

The AnyBridge Compact Controller's sensor interfaces, includes two generic analog sensors and a Pt-100 temperature sensor interface, which make it suitable for most basic measurement applications.

Specifically for situations in which liquid levels are measured with (low-cost) absolute pressure level transmitters, the AnyBridge Compact Controller can automatically compensate the ambient air pressure with its (optional) internal barometric pressure sensor.


Easy installation and configuration

Installation of the AnyBridge Compact Controller is a straightforward procedure that requires little more than mounting and connecting the peripheral equipment, after which it can be configured with the PC-based installation software.


Any application, anywhere

A wide range of applications can be served with AnyBridge compact Controllers. Custom versions and branding upon request.