Crop environment monitoring

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AnyBridge offers a cost-effective platform available for real-time monitoring and logging of crop environment conditions such as:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation levels
  • Solar radiation
  • Soil moisture
  • Leaf wetness

With the addition of our AnyBridge Sensor Expansion Module, the AnyBridge Compact Controller becomes an all-around GRPS datalogger e.g. for measuring the environmental conditions that are of needed for real-time monitoring plant and tree health, using commerically available sensors. The energy-efficiency of the AnyBridge Compact Controller allow stand-alone, solar-powered operation of the field-installed dataloggers. Combined with flexibility of the AnyBridge Server, companies and institutions involved in the monitoring and management of plant health, have their own in-house solution for their environmental monitoring application.


Key benefits for environmental monitoring applications:

  • Off-the-shelf AnyBridge Compact Controller hardware shorten application deployment time
  • Wide range of supported sensors meet the requirement of virtually any environmental monitoring application
  • Highly accurate, reliable real-time water level data
  • Customer-owned solution based on the AnyBridge Platform
  • Straightforward integration of the AnyBridge Server with back-end software or webportal solutions

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  • Precipitation measurement (rain collector) instruments based on pulse counting
  • Anemometers based on resistance measurement for direction and pulses for speed
  • Pt100 temperature sensors
  • Other sensors based on measurement of voltage or resistance
  • Pulse-contact based detectors