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AnyBridge has broad experience with level control applications, e.g. for local or remote monitoring of inventory in tank or silo installations. We offer a number of off-the-shelf controller modules on which a level control application can be based. Using our flexible AnyBridge Platform, custom functionality can easily be added to meet application-specific requirements.

To process the level information, the AnyBridge Server receives the data logged by the AnyBridge controller units and stores it in the database. Business applications such as webportals or ERP-systems process and present the level data as useful information.


Key benefits for level control applications:

  • Off-the-shelf AnyBridge controller modules shorten application deployment time
  • Wide range of supported sensors meet the requirement of virtually any level control application
  • Flexibility of the AnyBridge Platform makes customization straightforward
  • Reliable time-, data- or event-based reporting of level information
  • Automated data transfer of level information to business applications



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