Machine monitoring & control

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Experts at embedded connectivity and data communication, AnyBridge offers a number of products that are ideally suited for machine monitoring & control applications. Support of industrial protocols such as ModBus/RS485, Modbus/IP and CANopen make connection of the AnyBridge controllers with commercially available industrial automation devices straightforward. Direct sensor measuremens, e.g. for monitoring pressure or temperature values, can be addded as required. With the AnyBridge Server, reliable solutions for remote monitoring and controlling machines are created.


Key benefits for machine monitoring & control applications:

  • Off-the-shelf AnyBridge controller modules shorten application deployment time
  • Wide ranage of supported industrial communication protocols
  • Flexibility of the AnyBridge Platform makes customization straightforward
  • Reliable time-, data- or event-based reporting of machine status information
  • Automated data transfer of machine status information to back-end applications

Example solutions: