Silo inventory management

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AnyBridge has developed a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for managing the inventory of bulk goods stored in silos, primarly for agricultural applications. Using a VEGAFLEX 82 guided radar TDR sensor from VEGA, the AnyBridge Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Module periodically samples the level in the silo and transmits the measured value through its 868 MHz RF interface to the AnyBridge Controller which logs the data from each silo. At regular intervals, the logged data is transferred to the AnyBridge Server for further processing, e.g. for production and delivery planning.




The chief advantage of the AnyBridge solution for silo telemetry is the low-power, wireless sensor measurement that makes it possible to install it as retrofit with minimal costs. The real-time data that becomes available to the stakeholders in the livestock nutrition supply chain, allows more efficient production planning based on forecasting and avoids supply shortages at the breeding farms.


Key solution benefits:

  • Cost-effective remote inventory management
  • Up-to-date inventory information
  • Immediate reporting of critical inventory levels
  • Local inventory information on multi-language integrated display
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Automated data transfer of inventory information to customer ERP-system


The development of this solution was partially funded by Gelderland voor Innovaties. Read more here (in Dutch).