Tank Telemetry

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For a number of customers, our engineers have developed solutions for managing the inventory of liquid goods stored in tanks, primarly for chemical distribution. Using pressure level transmitters, such as the Huba712 from Huba Control, the AnyBridge Compact Controller periodically samples the level in one or more tanks, and taking the tank geometry into account, calculates the liquid volume for each tank which is then logged in its non-volatile memory. If more tanks are spread across a location, the AnyBridge Wireless Sensor Module can be used to bridge the distance between an AnyBridge Controller and the tanks. At regular intervals, the logged data is transferred to the AnyBridge Server for further processing, e.g. for production and delivery planning.




Key solution benefits:

  • Cost-effective remote inventory management
  • Up-to-date inventory information
  • Immediate reporting of critical inventory levels
  • Local inventory information on multi-language integrated display
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Automated data transfer of inventory information to customer ERP-system


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