Anybridge Wireless Sensor Module

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For applications where installation costs are critical in the business case, AnyBridge offers the solar-power Wireless Sensor Module. The AnyBridge Wireless Sensor Module is compatible with the AnyBridge Controller.


Wireless sensor measurements

The AnyBridge Wireless Sensor Module connects an industry-standard 4-20 mA sensors and sends its signal to the AnyBridge M2M Controller at programmable intervals through its 868 MHz wireless interface.


Connect to the AnyBridge M2M Platform

The configuration settings and software version of the AnyBridge Wireless Sensor Module can be remotely updated by the AnyBridge M2M Controller and the services provided by the AnyBridge M2M Platform. A USB 2.0 service interface is provided for local configuration and software updating.


Ultra low-power design

Because of its ultra-low-power design, the Wireless Sensor Module works from its internal battery pack that is recharged by the sun through the integrated solar panel. The Wireless Sensor Module can therefore operate completely independent from external power supplies. This reduces the installation effort to a minimum. At one-hour measurement intervals, the battery is sufficient to power the Wireless Sensor Module during a period of 20 days without recharging. The solar panel is dimensioned for supplying enough recharging current, even during the winter season with low sunshine activity.


Straightforward installation

Installation of the Wireless Sensor Module is a straightforward procedure that requires little more than mounting the unit and connecting the sensor. The IP-67 ingress protection level and the robust design of the enclosure make it well suited for outdoors applications.





AnyBridge Wireless Sensor Module Product datasheet (PDF)